What is the effect of push-ups – 10 benefits few people know!

What is the effect of push ups 10 benefits few people know 1

Push-ups are an exercise that is both simple and easy to perform and helps practitioners receive many health benefits. What exactly does push-ups do? Below is information that will help you answer that question as well as learn some notes when practicing this exercise.

What is the effect of push up?

Push-ups are an exercise that many people choose to practice. Here are some of the health benefits of this exercise that help answer the question of what push-ups do.

What is the effect of push ups 10 benefits few people know 2

  • Strengthen muscle

Push-ups help practitioners strengthen muscles by increasing pressure on muscle areas of the body. With this exercise, almost all muscle groups in the body are involved in training it, be it more or less. As a result, push-ups will help develop the strength of muscle groups such as core muscles, forearm muscles, back muscles, chest muscles, shoulders, abs, back,… so that you can own yourself a toned body. sure.

  • Improve heart health

When many muscle groups of the body engage in action at the same time as the push-up exercise, your heart will work hard to deliver oxygen and blood to the body’s tissues to stay active. Thereby, helping the health of the heart to be significantly improved and enhanced, limiting the risk of experiencing heart-related health problems.

  • Helps relax muscles

This is also a benefit of push-ups. Specifically, doing this easy-to-follow exercise will help stretch your muscles. This helps you reduce pain or the risk of injury.

  • Helps prevent shoulder and lower back injuries

The push-up exercise helps to effectively protect the shoulder joint against the risk of injury. Besides, it also helps the vulnerable or weak muscles in the back to be stronger. Doing push-ups helps you limit lower back injuries.

  • Improve your posture

Sitting in the wrong posture when studying or working leads to distorting the body and making the spine crooked. Push-ups are an exercise that can help correct and improve a practitioner’s posture. Besides, it also helps to protect the spine, limit the risk of back pain, disc herniation, …

  • Prevention of osteoporosis

This is another benefit that answers the question of what do push-ups do. Specifically, through push-up exercise, can contribute to increase the body’s bone density, the bones will become thicker and stronger. Thereby, helping to prevent the possibility of osteoporosis.

  • Increase balance, support weight loss

Doing push-ups is a way to help you train and increase your body’s balance. Along with that, this is an exercise that also helps the body burn more calories, effectively supporting your weight loss purposes.

  • Relieve stress and fatigue

What is the effect of push ups 10 benefits few people know 3

Doing push-ups will stimulate the body’s production of the hormone endorphin. This has the effect of helping you reduce stress, fatigue, and feel more relaxed and positive.

  • Helps increase the hormone GH

GH is a growth hormone that helps the body build, grow, regenerate, repair tissues or replace the body’s cells; improve brain function; enhanced muscle development; support fat loss;

And push-ups with the use of many muscles during exercise will help you increase a large amount of this hormone for the body.

  • Helps men increase testosterone levels

Low levels of the hormone testosterone can cause health and physiological effects in men. Push-up exercises help men significantly increase the amount of testosterone hormone.

Some notes to know when doing push-ups

What is the effect of push ups 10 benefits few people know 4

Thus, with the answer to the question of what do push-ups do, you can see that this exercise brings many health benefits to the practitioner. Even if you don’t have a lot of time, space or don’t have the money to go to the gym, you can still do push-ups. Because this is an exercise that can be easily done at home.

However, do not forget some of the following notes when practicing push-ups to be able to really achieve results:

  • Before push-ups should take time to warm up the body. This can help the muscles get used to the intensity of the activity, limiting injury as well as promoting the effectiveness of the exercise.
  • Do not over-exercise in the first training sessions. Should allow the body to be gradually adapted to the push-up exercise instead of forcing the muscles to immediately get used to this exercise.
  • Do not exercise when the body feels tired, weak and unwell or when undergoing medical treatment. Instead, if you want to exercise, you should choose gentler forms like walking.
  • Do not exercise on an empty stomach or when eating too much. Because doing push-ups on an empty stomach, you can experience low blood sugar, leading to fainting. On the contrary, exercising when eating too much can affect the digestive activity of the body.
  • Combine exercise with scientific nutrition and reasonable rest time.

Hopefully the information shared above has helped readers answer the question of what is the effect of push-ups and can “pocket” some notes to know when performing this exercise.