How to control myopia and supplement nutrients to help bright eyes

How to control myopia and supplement nutrients to help bright eyes 1 1

Myopia tends to be common among children across the country and is not uncommon among adults living in urban areas. Myopia interferes with seeing, learning and working, but in the long run, it also causes vision loss and leads to blindness.

Causes, symptoms and ways to control myopia

The cause of myopia is due to studying, working in the wrong position (eyes down on the table or in close contact with computer screens, phones, electronic devices), often using smartphones in the morning. long-term or genetic.

What are the symptoms of nearsightedness?

With nearsightedness, the patient will have difficulty seeing objects at all different distances. A person is said to be nearsighted when the following typical symptoms are present:
  • Often have to squint when it is necessary to observe distant objects;
  • When observing objects for a long time, eyes will be tired, blurred and not able to see clearly;
  • Seeing everything at night, it’s very difficult to see things in the rain.
Children are the most common myopia sufferers today
How to control myopia and supplement nutrients to help bright eyes 2
Children are one of the subjects most susceptible to myopia and often stem from their living habits, mainly, partly due to birth. Common symptoms:
  • When reading, children must use their fingers to detect words or dance;
  • When watching TV, you must look closely at the screen to see clearly the images;
  • Children often bow or close their eyes to the paper to write or read;
  • Children have a habit of rubbing their eyes or squinting to look away;
  • Or dazzled and afraid of strong light;
  • In class, children must sit near the board to see the words clearly.

How to control myopia

For people with severe or long-term myopia, the following methods can be applied simultaneously:
  • Exercise for the eyes: practice vision, relax the eyes … help limit the increase of myopia, relax and reduce eye fatigue.
  • Change study and work habits: reduce stressful study and work time, sit in a well-lit and correct posture, limit the use of electronic devices for too long.
  • Supplementing nutrients for the eyes: through diet and supplements.
  • Using glasses or contact lenses: helps the eyes to see well but is inconvenient due to dependence and limitation on sports and vigorous activities.
  • Surgery: to help bright eyes without depending on glasses or drugs. Surgery only applies when from 18 years old with many conditions that require it.
  • Use herbs to support and supplement nutrients for the eyes: Supplementing with nutrients for the eyes helps to strengthen eyesight, reduce symptoms of eye fatigue, dry eyes, blurred vision.
  • Combining 3 methods at the same time: using myopia glasses, using herbs to enhance vision, changing study and working habits is the optimal choice that many people believe in today.